Madonna and Guy Ritchie Still Down with Kabbalah


Despite the stress weighing down on pop goddess Madonna and director Guy Ritchie, the split couple still continues to practice Kabbalah at Manhattan’s Kabbalah Center. Their most recent visit, in fact, was just last Saturday, though they did come at separate times. Madge went with her adopted son David Banda in her arms, while her daughter Lourdes and son Rocco followed right behind. The paparazzi which immediately flocked to them upon arrival allegedly made the Material Girl mad.

Her ex-husband, in the meantime, went to the center earlier that day. Guy Ritchie arrived alone and, after his period of worship was over, left alone safely before his ex-wife and children got to the same venue.

Madonna’s visit to the center supposedly stemmed from her recent one-on-one meetings with a top Kabbalah rabbi. The meetings tackle her ultra-domineering personality and how to finally tone down this personality in order for her to establish more stable romantic relationships.

“Madonna has been having a tough time with Kabbalah in the wake of her and Guy’s split,” sources have recently revealed. “Whenever she’s in New York, she’s taken to having intense private sessions with Rabbi Berg.”

“She feels that previous relationships have broken down because she always takes control, not allowing the other party to flourish and be themselves. Madonna’s a very strong woman and naturally tends to dominate and take control of a relationship. This is a pattern she is determined to alter in an effort to find the right person,” the source went on. “As a result Madonna is working desperately hard to try and change herself from a control queen into someone who steps back. She is fighting her demons.”

Kabbalah is less of a religion and more of a school of thought tackling the mystical facets of Judaism. It is a set of esoteric teachings that attempt to elaborate on the deeper definitions behind the Hebrew Bible or Tanakh, and traditional Rabbinic writings. Madonna is one of several celebrities who have become fans of Kabbalah, with other stars including actress Demi Moore and the recently reinvigorated Britney Spears.

Enjoy the pictures of Madonna, Guy Ritchie and family out at the Kabbalah Center (January 17).

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