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Whitney Houston dies at 48

Whitney Houston

It’s no secret she’s had a rough go of it in recent years, and Whitney Houston has died of undisclosed causes, says her publicist Kristen Foster.

With her fans and friends understandably devastated by the news, details available thus far tell that the “I Will Always Love You” singer was found unresponsive in her room at the Beverly Hilton hotel on Saturday (February 11).

With paramedica arriving within minutes, Houston was pronounced dead at 3:55PM with a full investigation already underway - though there are said to be no signs of foul play.

According to TMZ, a search of the Beverly Hilton Hotel room in which the 48-year-old was staying found no illegal drugs, though prescription medications were located.

TMZ adds that there’s a chance Miss Houston died from drowning in the bathtub, but since her body was removed from the water before EMTs arrived the conclusive determination must await an autopsy.

Below are pictures from the scene at the Beverly Hilton Hotel after Whitney Houston’s passing (February 11).

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Whitney Houston on stage

Whitney Houston

On Tuesday (September 1), Whitney Houston took the stage to perform live on Good Morning America’s Summer Concert Series in New York City.

Joined by hosts Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts, the “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” singer belted out her new tunes to the large crowd gathered at Rumsey Playfield.

Meanwhile, When Whitney Houston went through hard times, she said her religious beliefs helped her get through her demons.

The famous singer, who faced an addiction to crack cocaine and a crazy marriage to singer Bobby Brown, spoke about her faith in Christianity giving her strength to get her life together and move forward.

“I thank God that people love me. But I really thank God that God loves me. I thank Him for chastening my heart, for never letting go. What I did sometime…I went off and did my thing, but He never let me go.”

Whitney has launched her comeback album that has everybody talking, since the last time she dropped an album was seven years ago.

“I shed a lot of stuff, a lot of unnecessary weight in the last three or four years. I left a lot of old luggage behind, and when I did, the blessings just started pouring on me, and the light in my spirit started to lift again.”

Additionally, Houston explained that she only agreed create a new album after she was sure her teenage daughter, Bobbi Kristina, trusted her as a mother.

“She and I are not only mother and daughter, but we’re good friends,” she told Ebony magazine. “I want her to trust me, to be able to trust in me, to know that I’m not going nowhere.”

Whitney is all about prioritizing as a mom and wants to be the best she can be to her daughter.

“If she knows that I’m there for her, she can depend on me. I’m the dependable one; she can depend on her mommy. My mother’s getting older. I wanted to spend more time with my mom because during most of my 20s and 30s, I was dealing with making records and traveling the world and being this thing — icon.”

Enjoy the pictures of Whitney Houston out for her GMA performance.

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009