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Bisexual Ikki Twins Talk about Love


Rikki Ikki and Vikki Ikki, better known as the bisexual sister act The Ikki Twins, talk about love and their sudden bout in the limelight in a recent interview. The sexy twosome are currently the hosts of MTV’s reality dating game show A Double Shot at Love, which is a follow-up to A Shot at Love, which was hosted by the equally titillating Tila Tequila. Both shows are heavy on bisexual themes.

On how they got the hosting stint on MTV, Rikki claims, “We were always big fans of the show and before we even knew that Tila wasn’t gonna do a third season, I actually sent an e-mail to MTV in hopes that they would read it, but they never did! But it just so happens that they were doing auditions and our manager got us an audition with the audition team, and I guessed they loved us and sent us over to MTV and they liked us too, so history was being made?”

When it comes to what they look for in either a boyfriend or a girlfriend, both girls are very particular. Rikki shares, “I like artistic, creative, outgoing, somebody that likes to be the center of attention, isn’t scared of a lot of people because I like to be around a lot of people, and obviously someone who can get along with my sister because in the past, that’s been really hard for me to find…As far as looks go, someone that takes care of themselves, they don’t have to be all buff or anything, and close to their family.”

Vikki, on the other hand, says, “I like people who are true to who they are, aren’t afraid of what other people think of them, can go around and dance and laugh and be silly—you know, not be afraid of people judging them. And also, someone that’s honest, trustworthy, that’s number one, because I’ve had a lot of problems with not-so-trustworthy people in the past. Looks-wise, someone who takes care of themselves, but I don’t really have a type. I look for the good in everybody.”

Friday, December 19th, 2008