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Bizarre Details from Mini Me’s Ex-Lover


Verne Troyer, the tiny yet grown-up actor most famous for his role as Mini Me in the Austin Powers movies, lives a pretty colorful life. Just ask former Playboy Playmate and ex-wife Genevieve Gallen, who tied the knot with Troyer back in 2004. The couple was introduced by Playboy chief Hugh Hefner himself at a New Year’s Eve party. It was Troyer’s drinking problem that tore them apart, however, and Gallen dishes on her old flame in a recent interview.

On her first time in Troyer’s pad:

“It was a little off-putting because everything was so small,” says Genevieve. “There was a miniature futon and a miniature refrigerator and bed. The light switches were all down at the level of my knee and the toilet was no bigger than a child’s potty.”

On her discovery of Troyer’s serious alcohol addiction:

“One Valentine’s night, I tried to do something really special for him. I knew he liked the color red, so I put on everything red, including red stockings, red garter belts, a red thong and patterned red shoes just how he liked them,” Genevieve recounts. “He seemed really excited and jumped up on the coffee table as he ordered me into different poses. He took some pictures of me and I was ready for a really beautiful night but before we could make love he was so drunk he passed out wearing his socks and boxers.”

On her accidental ejection from their home during one of Troyer’s drunken nights:

“The neighbors called the police and I convinced them to break the door open to let me in. But then they demanded to see Verne so I could prove it was my house. When I found him, he was face down clutching a pillow. I tried to wake him but it was impossible, so I had to pick him up still clutching the pillow and take him outside to present him to the police officers. They were shining the light on his head and Verne was mumbling, ‘What’s going on?” One of the police officers started laughing but the other one told him to stop. It was really embarrassing.”

Monday, January 12th, 2009