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Nelly Furtado looked to be in fine form

Nelly Furtado

On Monday (August 3), Nelly Furtado was spotted rocking the stage at Mexico City’s Hard Rock Live.

Meanwhile, speaking of her upcoming album, Nelly told press that this time around, she’s singing only in Spanish as it has given her a new creative boost.

“I’ve always sung in, well, three languages for the past five years. I’ve been singing in Portuguese and English since I was 2 years old, so I really love being a universal artist. I love being a world artist, so it’s just my next step really. The Spanish project is just my next step to get to [being] 80 years old onstage, singing something. This is my next step in the puzzle.”

“The songs are all about amor. They are all about love, and it’s my first album with more love songs. They’re really like songs that everybody can relate to about love and life and everyday living, just the things you go through. So basically, I found that once I started writing songs in Spanish, I had a new voice.”

Enjoy the pictures of Nelly Furtado performing in Mexico.

Friday, August 7th, 2009