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Katrina Darrell: In a bikini top


On Saturday (March 21), Katrina Darrell aka Bikini Girl hosts a night at the Hawaiian Tropic Zone inside The Miracle Mile Shops in Las Vegas.

The American Idol hottie looked sexy in a red bikini top with a denim miniskirt and red heels as she posed for the paparazzi.

Meanwhile, the brunette beauty found due to her American Idol fame: she said:

“I most value the singing ones. I’m a singer. And then, second, modeling and my clothing equally. And acting too. I’ve been acting since I was younger. I’ve done a lot of commercials. I did a Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen movie. I mean I’ve been in the business a really long time. I [was] home-schooled my entire life. I gave up my childhood for this. It’s not like I’m just some fluke in a bikini that’s trying to ride out my 15 minutes of fame, you know? I’ve paid my dues. If the bikini got my foot in the door, then so be it.”

Enjoy the pictures of Katrina Darrell at the Hawaiian Tropic Zone store.

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009