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Rihanna and Brody Jenner out clubbing


On Thursday (March 26), Rihanna and Brody Jenner was spotted hitting up Hollywood hotspot Bar Delux in West Hollywood.

The Barbadian beauty looked stylish in a lace top to cover her controversial new gun tattoo, while the “Bromance” stud casual in a black baseball cap, black shirt, distressed jeans, and black Converse All-Stars.

Speaking of Rihanna’s new gun tattoo, Tattoo artist BangBang told press:

“She has a necklace that I love that I saw about a year ago. I was like, ‘You should get a little gun tattooed on you.’ Then when I was in L.A. to tattoo her friend – she brought me there for his birthday as a gift to him – she wanted to get a tattoo and I brought the gun out again and I stuck it on there and she loved it.”

Meanwhile, Rihanna be showing some interest in Mr. Jenner after a telltale dinner out earlier this week. Page Six reports:

“The songstress was spotted at Nobu Wednesday night “smiling and flirting” with a group of guys, including Brody Jenner. “She was there having dinner. Her blond, female security guard was there the whole time,” said our spy. “Every time Rihanna would go to the bathroom, the guard would go with her. Every time someone came to the table, the bodyguard would stand up. She was like a female James Bond.” After the meal, Rihanna joined Jenner’s group. “She looked relaxed and happy, like Chris Brown was totally in the past.”

Enjoy the pictures of Rihanna and Brody Jenner out clubbing.

Monday, March 30th, 2009

Bromance is in the Air for Brody Jenner


Brody Jenner, cast member of hit reality show The Hills and half-brother of fellow reality star Kim Kardashian, will get to host his own reality program on MTV. Bromance, much like Paris Hilton’s My New BFF, pits a bunch of guys in a frat house against each other for the chance to become Brody’s new best bud. The son of Olympian Bruce Jenner and actress Linda Thompson gives his two cents on his experience taping the show:

Some of the contestants have shed tears on-camera. “I did this whole sit-down with these guys which we called Broprah,” Jenner divulges. “I was sitting around and would say, ‘OK, now tell me about…’ and then all of a sudden it got to be like, ‘Whoa!’ We’re uncovering some deep stuff. These big, grown guys are sitting around crying over being friends with a dude.”

This isn’t to say, of course, that he didn’t get near-weepy himself. “We started to get into family things and everybody started crying. I’m sitting there and you know when everybody around you is crying, how do you not cry? It was hard not to. So there was one time I almost shed a tear.”

The show also featured the token gay guy, although he left even before the first elimination round. The contestant claimed that the show turned out to be more of National Lampoon’s Animal House than the far more glamorous The Hills, which sorely disappointed him. “He was waxed and all ready to go,” Jenner quips, “but he thought he was going to meet Lauren Conrad.”

Another draw of the show is the elimination segment itself, which is filmed in a hot tub. “It’s kind of homoerotic and I love people saying that. I’m cool with my sexuality and the gender that I like and I have a beautiful girlfriend. That’s why I feel so comfortable with having these awkward guy moments.”

Besides Bromance and The Hills, Jenner has appeared in Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which features his dad, step-mom and step-siblings, as well as the short lived reality series The Princes of Malibu, which starred him and his older brother Brandon.

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

Brody Jenner and Jayde Nicole

From friends to lover, Brody Jenner and girlfriend Jayde Nicole were spotted leaving Apple Lounge in Beverly Hills on Tuesday night (October 7).

According to an interview Brody says that Nicole is “The One” - she’s everything he wants in a girl - loyal, honest, and beautiful inside and out.

Thursday, October 9th, 2008