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Aubrey O’Day proud covergirl


Aubrey O’Day gracing the cover of Playboy’s magazine’s March issue. The former Danity Kane singer walked around Fashion Week last night holding a copy of Playboy with herself on the cover, seemingly so proud that she can’t put her magazine down.

On Thursday morning (February 19), Aubrey O’Day was spotted toting her March Playboy cover issue around New York City as she was scheduled for an interview to promote her nude spread, among other things.

Meanwhile, when it was first rumored that O’Day was shoot for the gentleman’s magazine back in November, she told MTV:

“You know, I think that Playboy for me was one of the most liberating things that I’ve done as a woman.”

“You could never imagine how empowering it is to be nude in front of cameras and have people looking at you in that way and seeing you as beautiful. A lot of the times I think I’m seen as a bad girl and I think that’s because I’m so open.”

Friday, February 20th, 2009