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Lindsay and Ali Lohan in Paris

Celebrity Pictures: Lindsay Lohan

On Wednesday (May 13), Lindsay Lohan and her little sister Ali are spotted having fun the balcony of the Hyatt hotel in Paris while a PETA demonstration takes place outside.

The “I Know Who Killed Me” actress house was broken into on Monday, according to TMZ:

“Law enforcement sources tell us at around 3 PM PT yesterday, the alarm company that services the house notified cops that the alarm had been tripped. When police arrived, there was evidence of a break-in. There were pry marks on the back door and tampering with the back window. It appears nothing was taken but the house was ransacked, at least that’s what responding officers thought.
Now one law enforcement source tells us … it doesn’t look like the house was ransacked after all … “It was just messy.”

Enjoy the pictures of Lindsay and Ali Lohan on Paris.

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Lindsay and Ali Lohan: Get Together

Celebrity picture: Lindsay Lohan and Ali Lohan 1

On Monday night (May 11), Lindsay Lohan gives the camera all her attitude today! The firey redhead and her sister Ali were seen at LAX airport. Lindsay decides to give the cameras the finger and stick out her tongue all while flashing her tummy!

Meanwhile, a source told the New York Post about Lindsay sister’s schooling situation, with press outlets wondering why the 15-year-old isn’t in school:

“There seems to be a lack of parental guidance.”

“[Mom] Dina took Ali out of school and now all she does is hang out with Lindsay — who is back to drinking and partying hard. Ali is now wearing really skimpy outfits, and it’s just sad. No one is in control. Where are children’s services? Where is Dina?”

Lindsay and Ali’s mom, Dina, told People magazine about that matter, saying:

“Ali is in a home-schooling program. She has never been pulled out of school. It’s the same home-schooling program that Lindsay was in since the tenth grade. It’s a wonderful program that many celebrities are enrolled in.”

“I am a single mom of four children, and I devote my life to my children.”

In relate news, talking about Lindsay ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson, she recently told Closer magazine:

“We’re friends, I lost myself a bit with Sam, like many people do when they’re in a relationship. I want to be on my own for a while. I need to care about myself now.”

Enjoy the pictures of Lindsay and Ali Lohan at LAX Airport.

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Lindsay Lohan: skinny bikini body


On Monday (April 27), Lindsay Lohan and her sister Ali Lohan go for a swim in a Hawaii tide pool wearing bikinis.

The “I Know Who Killed Me” actress showed off her skinny bikini body, sporting a skimpy black and white striped halter bikini top with black bottoms while swimming in a Hawaiian watering hole. Lindsay’s sister also came along and took pictures of Lindsay playing with a dog.

Enjoy the pictures of Lindsay Lohan and Ali Lohan vacationing in Maui.

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Lindsay Lohan: Bikini pics


On Sunday (April 26), Lindsay Lohan and her younger sister Ali Lohan spend time with their friends relaxing in the Hawaiian sun. Enjoy the pictures of Lindsay Lohan showing her bikini body.

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Ali Lohan photo shooting in Times Square


On Thursday afternoon (January 29), Ali Lohan was spotted all glammed up for a photo shoot in the middle of Times Square. The “Living Lohan” hottie poses for well-known photographer Jonathan Ressler’s “Extraordinary Women Exhibit”.

“Extraordinary Women is the result of a long career spent working with inspiring and amazing women. From all this experience, (Ressler) has taken portraits of 50 of the most remarkable women anyone is likely to meet. Each woman stands apart: beautiful, graceful, compassionate, wise and brave; individual and unforgettable.”

“Extraordinary Women” snippet tells, “Shot across the world, these portraits capture the extraordinary character of each of the subjects. Some of the subjects being Poets, ballet dancers, actresses, artists, executives and teachers - these women come from all corners, each making her own mark on history.”

Enjoy the pictures at Times Square.

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Friday, January 30th, 2009